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Must Read - They Were Doing Their Jobs, Not "Sightseeing", When They Were Killed

The Daily Mail gets it wrong, so very wrong.

Four U.S. soldiers were killed by a suicide bomber today as they took pictures and went sightseeing in an Afghanistan park.

Witnesses said the bomber walked up to the troops, who had been warned by locals 'not to roam around the city', screamed 'Allahu Akbar' and then detonated a suicide vest.

The photos are tough to see.  And many of you readers emailed me and some of the other authors asking why would our soldiers be sightseeing in a deadly area...
To most, I responded to wait for more info and that, if true, I didn't understand what they were doing.

...The news stories about the event are disturbing.   Some stories reported that they were acting like a bunch of battlefield tourists, strolling in the park and taking pictures.  Some depicted the soldiers as having opened fire indiscriminately in the aftermath of the attack, killing children in the process.  One such story appeared in Stars and Stripes, of all places, who apparently cut and pasted their story directly from al Jazeera.  None of them are true.  Not one American fired a shot following the blast.  They were performing a mission, not wandering around like a bunch of carefree war tourists.

Newspapers in the US and the UK published photos of the grim aftermath, violating the dignity of the dead and dying.   For that, I am eternally angry.  The editors of any publication that did so had best never meet me and be identified as being responsible for the publication of such war porn.  It would not go well for them.  Just because they could didn’t mean that they should.

The team that was hit was an SFAT (Security Force Assistance Team) like the one I am a part of.  It’s actually part of the group of small teams that I belong to.  This team worked with the Provincial headquarters, mentoring the Provincial Police Chief and his staff.   The Afghan Public Affairs Officer, or “PAO” as they are known in military parlance, was doing a mission that included a visit to a radio station and then distributing radios to college students.   Some local residents were interviewed as well.  The PAO from the 1-148 Infantry, the unit supporting the SFAT in the area, was there to work with the Afghan PAO.  The  Afghan Police element was detailed to provide security for the operation.

Some PAO’s sit the war out almost exclusively within the walls of a compound, but CPT Rozanski didn’t.  Not this day.  He went out to support the Afghans and partner with them...

Go read the whole excellent post by Afghan Blue (especially for the Karma update).  Send the link to your friends and to news organizations.