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More Outrage that I Can't Seem to Dig Up For News That Ain't.....

Ummmm....  Is anyone else surprised that a bunch of super Type AA personalities that spend their days and nights carrying 70 pounds of equipment and riding around in armored vehicles looking for a reason to terminate with extreme prejudice anyone who thinks of harming the most powerful man in the world need to blow off some steam after a long day of work on a long road trip?

Yeah, me neither, but evidently, the Secret Service, The Defense Department, the LameStream Media and others are all vaclempt about these guys getting tipsy in a strip club(s) and chasing some rent by the hour ladies of the evening in Colombia.

Now don't get me wrong, what they did certainly placed their mission of doing all the advance work in danger, because they forgot the "secret" part of the title, and evidently, put themselves out there on Front Street and displayed their horrible negotiating skills in dealing with the vendors of the service.  When you are on an advance team and you spend many hours working on this stuff and then need to blow off some steam and have some fun, you have to remember that once you start haggling, things are supposed to be agreed upon up front; price, services to be rendered, place, time, any add ons, bringing a friend etc... Bottom line is, pay cash and when overseas, make sure to tip well....

I think I may have perhaps revealed too much....  I digress....

But it seems a tiny bit "witchhunty" to me that now there are investigators watching security camera video from strip clubs to see if anyone from the military went in or out etc.  Hey, Investigators, let me help you; there were military members who went into those clubs, and they probably were in the VIP room and wasted their per diem and travel allowances.  Check their travel card and see.  Look for the names Esmeralda and Tiffany and purchases of "champagne room services."

Pardon me for saying so, but didn't this used to be all part of the gig?  Sure, you might get shot at or blown up, and the pay isn't the best, but you get to do whatever you want without too many people telling you "no" and have adventures like this while all those pansies in your high school class were worried about making partner after law school.  These guys are super commandos in an elite organization, so they don't power down after a long hard day by playing in Parcheesi tournaments.  They are human and make mistakes when they get drunk and party; like most of us who have done that.  They however, have a smaller margin for error in matters like this, and they should have known better and been a bit more "secret" if this was how they were going to spend their off time.

My point is that let's not spend our time throwing so many books at them that it looks like the Library fell on them.  

This goes right along with all the bunched panties over the troops taking photos of dead tangos.  Sure, it offends the moral sensibilities of the weak and spineless, but in the larger scheme of things, is it really that big a deal?  But my guess is we will get to hear more about this from the Dinosaur Legacy Media, along with all of the usual hyperventilating.

Punish them, both Military and USSS personnel, with whatever is deemed appropriate and move out to our next objective without having any more press conferences to talk about how disappointed and shocked you are that guys who's daily life affirmation is kicking ass and leaving the pencil and paper at home relax by drinking and whoring.