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Michael Yon still bats*t crazy

I know, I know this is hardly news to anyone with an above room temperature IQ, but this latest stuff is just psych-ward bait. I can hardly encourage you to read it, but in the same way we slow down to gawk at accidents and train wrecks , well this is clinical.

Milblogger Jim Hanson (“Uncle Jimbo”) of Blackfive, calls this his “backyard office.” Music, laptop, drinking and blogging. In this image, it appears that Jimbo is making a self-portrait by remote control. Jimbo never saw a day of combat, and he admits that he has never been to Iraq or Afghanistan.

Milbloggers such as Jim Hanson at Blackfive wrote that I was kicked out of Afghanistan and Iraq.  Untrue.  Of the approximately 65 countries that I have traveled in, only Burma ever denied me a visa.  The bedroom and backyard milbloggers do not grasp that the US military has no control over travel to Iraq, Afghanistan, or to Canada.  All are sovereign countries that control their own immigration and borders.

I am more aware than Mikey that the military doesn't control access to other countries (most of the time). But as to the idea that I never saw a day in combat, well that is not what I said. I wrote that I have not done what could be called a combat tour the way that is thought of today, I did say I have not been to either Iraq or Afghanistan. But those aren't & weren't our only enemies when I was on active duty. I also did not say that I have not conducted combat operations. 

Unlike Mikey, I spent operational time on a Special Forces team. Mike, on the other hand, got in trouble for rabbit-punching a guy in a bar who hit his head and died. Then he spent the rest of his embarrassingly short stint in SF trying to stay out of jail, and in the rear with the gear. He did nothing while in uniform and that makes him sad and whiney. So he tries to hassle people who did real things in uniform like me and CJ Grisham. CJ has multiple combat tours and I deployed  on classified operations that nobody even told Mike about, because he couldn't be trusted. And again unlike Mikey, I dont routinely reveal information that could be harmful to the troops.

So STFU Mike, you are not a combat vet. You never served in combat nor did you do anything even mildly important while in uniform. Don't be jealous of those who did. You are a combat tourist who wanders around annoying the folks actually serving their country taking out of focus pictures by the gigabyte and then being tossed from embed after embed. Well you used to do that until your latest misadventures which caused you to scurry away from Afghanistan with your tail between you legs back to the loving arms of the thai lady boy community. They do appreciate you patronage. Please send us more pictures of fishies nibbling your little tootsies. I am sure the fools who still donate money to you appreciate the use you put their money to.