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Ask An Infantryman - Hitler's Birthday

Infantrymen!  You sage counsel is sought.


I read this article about a Illinois Nazi Hitler Birthday celebration that was disrupted last year.

    ...police are investigating a smoke bomb explosion that abruptly ended a birthday party celebration for Adolf Hitler at a Lyons banquet hall, a party complete with decorated cakes and Nazi banners.

    The suspect, a man with a backpack, had ordered a grilled cheese sandwich before he went into a restroom and set off the smoke bomb, authorities said Monday...

They never caught the guy.  He already threw a (reportedly) military smoke grenade and likes grilled cheese sandwiches (who doesn't?).

Let's assume that he reads Blackfive.  What could this citizen-hero do this year, without attracting too much attention?


Elwood Blues

Grunts, your brilliant op orders are required in the Comments section.  And FYI, this idea has already been done...