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Obama says apology to Afghan President about Koran burning “calmed things down” [UPDATE]

Outlaw Platoon: among my all-time favorites

I just wrapped up Outlaw Platoon, by Capt. Sean Parnell (USA, ret.) and have to admit that I have never read a book quite like it.

I have read many memoirs from various wars. While all interesting, few stand out. Parnell's account of Outlaw Platoon's deployment to Afghanistan in 2006 was truly gripping.

Parnell shows the reader just how difficult life as an infantryman in Afghanistan can be; enemy fire can often prove less of a concern than the "allies" and fellow soldiers fighting alongside today's infantryman. This book lays bare the betrayal, the corruption, the barbaric atrocities (by our enemies), and the international activities (of our so-called allies) so incredible you won't want to believe it.

I don't want to repeat too much of what fellow Blackfiver "McQ" already wrote about the book, but I will say that If you don't drive straight to the recruiter after reading Outlaw Platoon, then you aren't wired right.