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Osprey on the USS George H. W. Bush

Maybe I'm "over sensitive"

Maybe I need to take a ‘chill pill’.  Perhaps I ought to just be happy that for the most part the vast majority of Americans thankfully “get it”.

But there still seems to be a small percentage that don’t.  And I made a vow years ago that I’d confront this sort of nonsense whenever I saw it.

What am I talking about?  What do most American’s “get”?  They understand that it isn’t the warrior who declares war, it is the warrior who goes to war when ordered.  And to blame the warrior or depict the warrior as the problem or the cause of the problem is, well, ignorant at best. 

Unfortunately there are those in various backwaters who apparently either haven’t figured this out (ignorant) or don’t care (malevolent).

And just as unfortunately they produce things like this and they’re shown to our kids as a “public service” (via Breitbart):



There are so many things wrong with this it is hard to know where to start.  The visual is just abhorrent.  And it so accurately portrays the 1970s mindset of many at that time it is chilling. 

On to the particulars:

A) like I said, the military or as specifically depicted here driving the “meat grinder”, the US Army, doesn’t declare war.  It goes where those who can and do such things tell it to go.  So instead of US Army on the side of the meat grinder, it should say US Government – that is if there’s any desire for accuracy.

B) if you want to whine about the draft, and there are certainly very good reasons to do so, don’t blame it on the Army.  Again, they had little to do with it.  It was an act of Congress signed into law by a President which enacted that.  Or, as with A) above, it was the US Government.

C) the skeletal driver on the meat grinder shouldn’t be wearing a helmet.  He should be wearing a “vote for me” button that identifies him as a politician.  Politicians got us into Vietnam, not the US Army.

D) if one wants to identify Vietnam as a “meat grinder” that’s their right.  But they should realize that this cartoon depiction of the “meat grinder” spitting out flag draped coffins is disrespectful as hell of those who died there.  It dishonors their sacrifice.  But to the point, if Vietnam was a meat grinder the same crew that brought you A) B) and C) above are responsible.

All of that in a 17 second clip.

To MTV and “Rock the Vote”, you ought to be ashamed.  There is no excuse for this sort of historic ignorance or cowardice. If it is neither of those, then it is propaganda of the worst sort.   If you’re going to presume to inform the public, tell the freakin truth.

As for ‘chill pills’, sorry, that’s a no-go. The vow remains, regardless of how insignificant the event.

I plan to always call BS on trash like this.

Every. Time. I. See. It.