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CIA preparing bin Laden's body for museum

Well that's not exactly it, but not to far from what is being bandied about in leaked emails from Stratfor.

The body of Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden was not buried at sea, according to leaked emails of intelligence firm Stratfor, as revealed by WikiLeaks.

Stratfor’s vice-president for intelligence, Fred Burton, believes the body was “bound for Dover, [Delaware] on [a] CIA plane” and then “onward to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Bethesda [Maryland],” an email says....

The US Govt needs to make body pics available like the MX's do, with OBL's pants pulled down, to shout down the lunatics like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck," Burton says in another message.

In another missive Burton says Osama’s body “is a crime scene and I don’t see the FBI nor DOJ letting that happen.”

The downside of having your private emails published is that you can sometimes sound like just as much of a loon as the people you are deriding as loons. It is not out of the question to consider the idea that bin Laden's body wasn't fed to the sharks. But you have to have more faith in our ability to keep secrets than I do to think we flew the body to Dover and then on to CIA HQ so it could be stuffed and put on display in the lobby at Langley.