SecDef Dis-Arms Marines During Visit
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And so it begins

My guess is more than one Vietnam era vet cringed when he heard the news of the Soldier accused of killing 16 Afghan civilians recently.

There’s a very good reason:


Its because they knew what was coming.   And there it is.

Most folks know the New York Daily News is a pig’s ear of a tabloid.  But it doesn’t matter.  This is precisely what so many in the military and veteran’s community feared the reaction might be among some of the media.

It is a reminder of the “crazy Vietnam Vet” syndrome that infected the media during that era and afterward.

Traumatic Brain Injury can be as mild as a concussion.  In fact, a concussion is classified as TBI.  Uninformed headlines do no one any good.  This is pure and unadulterated, poorly edited and unnecessary sensationalism.

What happened in Afghanistan is not something I condone or am trying to defend or rationalize.  At the moment, I or the other authors here at Blackfive don’t know enough about it to really write an informed article.

But it doesn’t stop media outlets like the NY Daily News from spewing its nonsense does it?

Feel free to tell them how you feel.  They deserve to know.


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