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An Unexpected Opportunity

The economy continues to be big news, and with good reason.  Yet, what can be problems for some can offer opportunities for others. 

Cooking with the Troops now has additional opportunities for sponsors for the reception being catered at Normandy on D-Day.  For those not familiar, Cooking with the Troops will be taking 3-6 young veterans turning into chefs to Normandy to plan and execute a reception for the dedication of the statue of Dick Winters by the WWII Foundation

Sponsors of the event won't get just a donation.  They will get a series of web articles that will feature their name, links where possible, and even their logos as we detail the planning and execution of the trip.  They will get their name and logo on all videos about preparations for the event, as well as video from the event.  What's more, while we can't promise anything yet, we are working on some additional coverage in multiple media outlets, and to try to do something very special for the young veteran chefs if possible. 

Cooking with the Troops helped more than 2,000 in its first full year of operations, more than double the few hundred helped in the first few months of operation.  Our Facebook page now has more than 1045 members, more than 600 are following us on Twitter, our videos have been viewed more than 850 times, and we have started to develop some major media interest as well.  Our video and reports are also able to be syndicated through SOGMedia and other outlets are in development. 

This year, we can't just double again.  More than 100,000 troops are likely to be demobilized over the next five years, on top of those leaving because of wounds and other reasons.  This number is deceptive as more than three times this number will be affected by the draw down.  Given the economy, getting our Culinary Career program up and running, and helping as many as we can, is essential. 

If you, your company, or organization would like to be a part of this event, and in bringing our culinary career program online as we help advance some new careers, contact [email protected]