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Time for Sean Penn to Shut the front door!

Map2Map of the Falkland Islands (approximately 300 miles east of Argentina)

Well, that time for that actor to STFU came and went about nine years ago...but, now, the guy-who-memorizes-lines-for-a-job known as Sean Penn, is in South America blaming the Brits for protecting their citizens on the Falkland Islands (which Mr. Penn refers to as "the Malvinas of Argentina").

In the face of Argentine aggression, the Brits have deployed ships including the HMS Dauntless (a destroyer) into the area of operations.  Also included in these efforts is one rescue helicopter pilot of note named Flight Lieutenant William Wales, aka Prince William.

Senn Penn made this statement:

"It's unthinkable that the United Kingdom can make a conscious decision to deploy a prince within the military to the Malvinas, knowing the great emotional sensitivity both of mothers and fathers in the United Kingdom and in Argentina who lost sons and daughters in a war over islands with a population of so few."

What?  Deploying a prince as a rescue pilot does that?

First of all, Sean Penn is ambassador at large for Haiti.  [Editor sidebar:  "Hey, Haiti, how's that working out for you?"]  He should fix that situation in Haiti ASAP.

Second, we applaud the military service of William and Harry.  Good on them.

Last, what is this really about? 

1.  Natural Resources:  Well, it seems that there's oil offshore and the Brits are exploring it.  The Argentines want it.  Fishing rights and the extent of protected areas are of concern as well.

2.  Citizenry:  The Falklanders want to remain British.  The Brits maintain that, as long as the islanders want to remain British, they will protect the islands.  The islands have been British since 1833 (before that France, Spain, Argentina, and Britain possessed them at various times - Brit Captain John Strong landed there first in the 1690s and found the islands uninhabited -  the French actually settled the islands in the 1750s).

3.  Geo-politics:  Other Latin American countries support Argentina in it's bid to rid the Falklands of the Brits.  Countries like Peru, Chile, Brazil and Mexico support Argentina, and want any northern or western europe influence out of the region - mostly to exploit the resources and trade themselves.  Also, China supports the Argentines claim on the Falklands (who do you think is going to get the drilling contracts should Argentina succeed?).

Point number 2 resonates well.  While the fight might be about resources and power-projection (navy base), it is also about the islanders and their right to stay British.

Sean Penn should stick to acting and directing and leave the world policing to Team America!

Update:  The LA Times interviewed a Falkland Islander about his views on the sovereignty conflict.