Book Review: “Outlaw Platoon”, by Sean Parnell
NATO promises Afghan government it will submit “perpetrators” of Quran burning to “open trial” and “justice” [UPDATE]

The wages of weakness

You have to ask yourself if anyone on Obama's team understands the mentality of the savages who form the profane cult of extremist Islam. The answer is no, but you still have to ask yourself. The list of barbarities they have performed around the world is far too long for a full accounting here. They love nothing better than a chance to get all spun up and chanting about some perceived defamation of their "religion of peace" and then respond with some good old religious violence. Well their outrage-o-meter was pegged recently by a non-existent insult against their holy book and US troops have died as a result of their tolerance.

The Obama team has responded by going into full kowtowing and apology mode and as usual that has simply shown the uncivilized swine that we are weak. So they attack and again we prove that we are not the Strong Horse. Here we have a lovely example of the reaction to ass-kissing grovelry.


These are our allies the Pakistanis and they think a noose around the neck of the US President is the answer. We at BLACKFIVE deplore this image, PERIOD! but it is certainly instructive as to the folks we are trying to influence.

They slaughter innocents to further their religion, stone rape victims, hang homosexuals, mutilate their girls, enslave their women and lower the standard of living everywhere they infest. But hey, maybe if we tell them we still love them it'll all work out, right? Not bloody likely.