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Question: So Why Do The SEALS Need (according to Hollywood) "a Propaganda Movie"?

Seal images[This is how real Navy SEALs look...]

McQ busts the chops of a guy who reads lines for a living and Froggy took on the HuffPo critics and it made me think.  Hollywood usually portrays the military - especially the special operations forces - in a correct and honest manner, right?

Why do they need a movie when there are so many quality films that showcased the dedication, intelligence and strength of character of the U.S. Navy SEALs...?  I mean, come on, Froggins.  Hollywood has gotten it right so many times!

First off is this great flick starring the "Winning!" Charlie Sheen...it shows the professionalism and lifestyle of your average run of the mill US Navy SEAL:

Next, is this realistic movie with a SEAL portrayed by the award winning Demi Moore...I'm sure the Teams lined up to watch this one (and the only SEAL movie to not star Michael Biehn):

Then, there's this...all SEALS (led by Michael Biehn) are wiped out by rogue Marines in "the Shower Room" (not a euphemism)...

In the Abyss, the depth makes the SEAL Team leader (yes, it's Michael Biehn) crazy and this is what happens...

Others include Tears of the Sun (Bruce Willis), XXX 2 (Ice Cube played a Navy SEAL), and Under Seige(s) where Steven Seagal plays a former SEAL turned chef...

So, yeah, I'm kinda down with the HuffPo'ers on this one.  Why create a movie like this one? 

Answer:  Unlike the above, the answer is Because. It. Kicks. Ass.

Don't miss it!

Update: Almost forgot to mention that you can go here and post up a salute to our Armed Forces on the Act of Valor web site.

P.S. - If you ever are assigned to a unit where Michael Biehn is the commanding SEAL, ask for a transfer.