A little love for the Air Force
Nick and Coot

I Guess We Tucked This In.... For The Moment....

Well, the news is out that the ladies get to go further forward to fight and die with the rest of us dog-faces and I have chronicled my opinion here on this blog regarding that.  Evidently, we are letting the ladies into jobs that require getting greasy and sweaty and bloody in the interest of increasing their opportunities for promotion and their opportunity to see the elephant from a much closer vantage point.

As an aside though, check out the video though, and you will see what I am talking about from my previous post here.  The fact that no one from the SOF community wants to talk to CNN is very telling to me.

I would however, appreciate if the media, and by extension the PPD's over at the Pentagon would stop perpetuating this lie that women can't get promoted without being in "combat" during a time of war.

"Under a 1994 policy, women are restricted from formally serving in small ground units directly involved in combat. The reality of the last ten years of war however has been that many women serve in support positions–such as military police or medics–which place them in harms way. They are not formally assigned to combat units, but rather informally "attached" which means they do not get the crucial credit for combat duty that is needed for promotions to higher grades."

This pegs the "pants on fire" indicator every time someone says it; especially to people who have actually served.

PLEASE!  Members of Congress and staffers:  Contact someone on any of the most popular mil-blogs for information on craptastic statements like this so that you can get a divergent and often, more informed, opinion.  Any deployment to Afghanistan or Iraq counts as "combat" service; regardless of if you hung out at the self licking ice cream cone of Bagram Airbase or spent a year at Firebase Cobra.  You get a combat patch, and believe me, having seen it myself, you can get a CAB pretty easy to go along with that, depending on the command.  

So, Newsflash for every one of the feminists and policy wonks:  Male Infantry Soldiers do not compete against Female Artillery Mechanics for promotion.  And by extension, male mechanics and supply sergeants don't go on any more patrols or raids and get the opportunity to kill bad guys any more than their female counterparts, because that ain't their job.

This lie that all these feminist groups and advocacy panels come up with that somehow military promotions are a zero sum game is just galactically stupid.  Everyone, male or female, competes in their Military Occupational Specialty.  These advocates are spreading the lie that females can't get promoted without being in "active ground combat" when deployed overseas.  

This is like saying that secretaries for executives are discriminated against because they don't have the opportunity to work in the mail-room and get promoted in the shipping department.  They work for the same company, and get promoted or not promoted based on their performance in their job, and not against the performance of the mail-room guys.  It just turns out that in this case (the Department of Defense), the mail room is off limits to them.

But it chaps my John Brown hindparts to no end when I hear that bovine scatology.  I walked the ground on two patrols hunting IED makers with a Female Sergeant Major in Army EOD who was there from the Division HQ to see how her soldiers were doing and an attached Air Force EOD Sergeant (attached for 6 months to the Army EOD at this FOB) in an AO 13 miles from Pakistan.  At the FOB I was at (same AO), there were 2 female US Army Physician Assistants (about 1/4 step below doctor in the Army), a bunch of female mechanics, supply folks, intelligence, and military police soldiers all at this FOB.  Got rocketed at least once a week (sometimes more), with a "VBIED's at the entry gate: cherry on top now and then. During that time, there was a female Apache pilot in the AO who put a Hellfire missile into a cave with a poop-ton of Taliban.

Lots of promotion street cred in her MOS if you ask me.

Women are not being denied the opportunity to get promoted to higher ranks with more responsibility because of a lack of deployments involving "active ground combat;" they are being denied promotion to positions of greater responsibility as rifle company commanders and SF A-Team commanders because they don't compete for promotion in those occupations in the military.   

So please, alphabet news networks, Congress persons, staffers and the like; please give someone like me a call who will give you the real skinny on this before you morph it and propagandize it into something discriminatory and evil.  At least then I will have had my say.