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Is Obama handing over US soldiers to Islamic court for Koran incident?

Bible burning vs. Koran burning in Afghanistan

The political and military prostration to the Afghan people following the Koran-burning incident at Bagram served as the final straw for me; I once wholeheartedly supported the "war" in Afghanistan. Now, I don't think Washington gives a hoot in hell for the troops they have sent to bleed and die in Afghanistan. So unless we can elect leaders who can formulate an effective counterterrorism strategy, I now say it's time to bring the troops home.

As the Afghan police and army gun down our troops in numbers that now rival that of our enemies, the Obama administration thinks that WE are the ones that need to apologize. To them. And to top it all off, our military says that WE are the ones who require further sensitivity training.

At this point, "FUBAR" would be a compliment.

So how should America have responded to the burning of Korans used by detainees at Bagram Air Base you ask?

From my recent post at The US Report:

Military policy requires troops in combat zones to burn their trash. [...] In 2009, the military confiscated and burned unsolicited Bibles sent by a church to Afghanistan. In this case, the Bibles were intended for distribution, not for enemy intelligence purposes. Christians did not respond by rioting and shooting US troops, and neither the military nor our government apologized. The military simply burned them and stated that it was policy.

That is how exactly how the military should have handled the Koran incident. Once the burnings were reported, announce that prisoners were using them for intelligence, and we disposed of them as per policy. And let Muslims know that if they don't want non-Muslims to destroy their Korans, then they shouldn't desecrate them in the first place.

Why the constant appeasement of Islam? If we are truly a nation of religious freedom, then what works for the Christians should work for the Muslims.

We can't please everybody, but all these serial apologies have done is pour fuel on the fire - and the Afghans have responded by murdering even more of our troops. At such a rate that ISAF decided to no longer report on casualties caused by Afghan soldiers or policemen.

Trust me, I understand the threat that jihadists pose to our country. However, we can't defeat these barbarians if we are continually showing them weakness. Sure, we have the finest military ever assembled in human history, but if the political masters lack the will to win, what does it matter to our enemies?