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Attention P.A.O.'s in Afghanistan

TSO over at the Farm Team's place is going to go to Afghanistan this Spring and needs an embed.

...I will be writing an article for The American Legion Magazine (circ ~3 million) on my trip, and am completely leaving the topic open to see what I find. I would like to go back to Wardak and Ghazni to do a sort of “Six Years Later” thing on the area I served in. So, if any of you guys know a PAO, can you let me know? Preferably some sort of door-kicker unit, and a mech one at that, because my humping my fat ass up mountainside days are coming to an end.

For any prospective PAO’s, I guarantee you’ll never get a more sympathetic reporter. I have a CIB, I know how to brag about a good poop, and I don’t ever remember being offended by anything in my life. I also might wet myself (I am over 40) but you won’t have to drag my ass anywhere. You can just leave me in place. Maybe put some cones around me...

As I have spent time with TSO riding horses/trying to herd them across SW Montana in 33 degrees at altitude with sleet flying sideways for 10 hours at a stretch, he doesn't complain...ever...unless your horse is faster and more, um, well-endowed than his horse. 

But other than that.  Never.

You might have to put up with some horrible one liners and maybe some righteous flatulence, but other than that, the dude is solid...even if he is a dirty nasty leg.

In all seriousness, the Legion has the largest segment of subscribers who actually read the magazine of any periodical.  Any public affairs type should jump at the chance to have TSO embed with their unit.  Contact him at the link at the top of this post or hit me up.