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'All Necessary Force' is a superb read

I love Tom Clancy books, but Clancy has only talked to those who have "been there, done that." Brad Taylor has been at the absolute tip of the American military spear, and has lived to write about it.

Taylor spent 21 years in the infantry and Special Forces, including eight years as a commander in Delta Force, the Army's secretive counterterrorist unit. Taylor's first-hand experience clearly shows in his writing. Reading his books, one has to wonder: "Which parts are real and which are fiction?"

121575792If what Taylor writes didn't actually happen, I am sure the real story isn't far from what's in his second novel, "All Necessary Force."

"Pike" Logan is a former operative for a counter-terrorism agency known simply as "The Taskforce." The group is so secretive - and effective - that its discovery would scuttle the entire Executive Branch. Now Pike is a private contractor that finds himself right back in the middle of Taskforce business and is the only one who can save the country from a new and (highly possible) terrorist attack.

A recipe of treasonous congressmen, politicians willing to sacrifice soldiers' lives for their careers, Chinese and al Qaeda operatives, and even a special operations raid during the Vietnam War combine to make "All Necessary Force" one of the best international thrillers I have read.

Typically, I am reading a dozen or so books at once. "All Necessary Force" was so good that I had to put them all down. And if you haven't read the first book in the series, "One Rough Man," grab it too.