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February 2012

Is Obama handing over US soldiers to Islamic court for Koran incident?

Update March 2, 2012, 9:28 pm: Stars and Stripes reports that the soldiers will face military trial, not sharia court.

US soldiers could be handed over to an Afghan sharia court for burninig copies of the Koran at a US military base. I say could be because Afghanistan claims that they will be, and the Pentagon and White House are silent on the matter.

From The US Report:

The website of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Government Media and Information Center (an official government site) states: "NATO officials promised to meet Afghan nation’s [sic] demand of bringing to justice, through an open trial, those responsible for the incident and it was agreed that the perpetrators of the crime be brought to justice as soon as possible."

I stress that we don't know anything other than what the Afghan website says. Other than a snippet of Obama's three-page letter to Afghan president Hamid Karzai.

Obama reportedly sent a three-page letter to Afghan president Hamid Karzai, but the White House won't fully disclose the letter. A small portion of Obama's letter - suspiciously (and perhaps deliberately) ambiguous - is floating around stating "We will take the appropriate steps to avoid any recurrence, to include holding accountable those responsible."

What does the president mean, holding the soldiers accountable to military law? They didn't do anything wrong. If they did, show us what code they violated. Or does he mean sharia law? Desecrating the Koran, especially by non-Muslims could result in the death penalty. But American soldiers are held only to US law, not Islamic law. Besides, depending on what jurist you talk to, burning of Korans is entirely permissible if the books are damaged - which the Korans in question were, at the hands of Muslims.

Non-muslim servicemembers - or Muslim servicemembers for that matter - are not held to Islamic law, they are held to the UCMJ. I certainly hope that our president is not hanging these soldiers out to dry.

Although this has been going on for days, the White House and Pentagon are not answering questions on the matter. I don't like it.

Bible burning vs. Koran burning in Afghanistan

The political and military prostration to the Afghan people following the Koran-burning incident at Bagram served as the final straw for me; I once wholeheartedly supported the "war" in Afghanistan. Now, I don't think Washington gives a hoot in hell for the troops they have sent to bleed and die in Afghanistan. So unless we can elect leaders who can formulate an effective counterterrorism strategy, I now say it's time to bring the troops home.

As the Afghan police and army gun down our troops in numbers that now rival that of our enemies, the Obama administration thinks that WE are the ones that need to apologize. To them. And to top it all off, our military says that WE are the ones who require further sensitivity training.

At this point, "FUBAR" would be a compliment.

So how should America have responded to the burning of Korans used by detainees at Bagram Air Base you ask?

From my recent post at The US Report:

Military policy requires troops in combat zones to burn their trash. [...] In 2009, the military confiscated and burned unsolicited Bibles sent by a church to Afghanistan. In this case, the Bibles were intended for distribution, not for enemy intelligence purposes. Christians did not respond by rioting and shooting US troops, and neither the military nor our government apologized. The military simply burned them and stated that it was policy.

That is how exactly how the military should have handled the Koran incident. Once the burnings were reported, announce that prisoners were using them for intelligence, and we disposed of them as per policy. And let Muslims know that if they don't want non-Muslims to destroy their Korans, then they shouldn't desecrate them in the first place.

Why the constant appeasement of Islam? If we are truly a nation of religious freedom, then what works for the Christians should work for the Muslims.

We can't please everybody, but all these serial apologies have done is pour fuel on the fire - and the Afghans have responded by murdering even more of our troops. At such a rate that ISAF decided to no longer report on casualties caused by Afghan soldiers or policemen.

Trust me, I understand the threat that jihadists pose to our country. However, we can't defeat these barbarians if we are continually showing them weakness. Sure, we have the finest military ever assembled in human history, but if the political masters lack the will to win, what does it matter to our enemies?

Heroes and Horses 2012

The video above was filmed during this trip that I reported on.

Below is the very first class photo from this summer. Attending are Navy SEALs, Marines, Paratroopers and Infantrymen. Some have Silver Stars. Some have Purple Hearts. All are heroes.

HeroesandhorsreThe 2011 first class of combat veterans.  All enlisted.  All heroes.

So, this summer we've got several trips planned for combat vets to head out to southwest Montana and spend a week.  You can go here to the official web site for more information or go here at Soldiers' Angels where you can help by donating and for corporate sponsorships, please visit this page.

The bottom-line: 

Heroes & Horses is open to any recent American combat veteran who loves and could benefit from the breathtaking beauty and unique demands of Montana's real ranch country and who craves the sense of accomplishment gained by mastering true horsemanship and skills in the challenging backcountry of America's majestic Rocky Mountains.  A seven-day working horse ranch experience is available for a wide-range of gutsy veterans at the Mantle Ranch, offering an opportunity to learn--through intensive instruction and interaction with fellow combat veterans--how to ride, pack, and orchestrate a mountain trip, as well as a variety of related equine and back-country activities on one of the most spectacular working horse ranches in the West.

Here is the initial program so you get an idea of what to expect.

FireNothing beats a warm fire with your new comrades after a long day's ride.

In future years, we're going to expand to spouses and other groups, but for now, we'll have three separate veteran groups go through the training and trip up into the Rocky Mountains.  If you know of anyone who would be interested, have them contact us at this email [email protected] .  Or send me an email through B5.

Just remember, "Sit Deep".

CowboyMatt03Me on Goblin (or aka "that sonofabitch!")

A Marine and His Dog (that finds I.E.D.s)...

Pooch hires_120217-M-PH863-006U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Brandon Mann uses his automatic rifle's scope to scan the area while providing security with his military working dog, Ty, around the villages of Sre Kala and Paygel in Helmand province, Afghanistan, on Feb. 17, 2012. Mann, a military working dog handler, and Ty, an improvised explosive device detection dog, are assigned to Alpha Company, 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion.   DoD photo by Cpl. Alfred V. Lopez, U.S. Marine Corps.

Christian Soldiers Banned from The Quran in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan

Received more than a few emails regarding new guidance in light of the accidental Quran burnings in Afghanistan.

Now, unless your military dog tags identify you as of the Muslim faith, you cannot obtain a copy of the Quran from the military chaplain. The exception is if your commander stops fighting the war long enough to write up a memo requesting one for you including the reason why you want a Quran. 

And, if you are a Muslim and obtain a Quran, it will be accounted for like any other sensitive item.

BS Guidance
Can you order one up from Barnes & Noble?  Sure.  You just can't get one from the chaplain.


Does the chaplain refuse to give the bible to soldiers with Muslim on their dog tags?

This is just sad...

Question: So Why Do The SEALS Need (according to Hollywood) "a Propaganda Movie"?

Seal images[This is how real Navy SEALs look...]

McQ busts the chops of a guy who reads lines for a living and Froggy took on the HuffPo critics and it made me think.  Hollywood usually portrays the military - especially the special operations forces - in a correct and honest manner, right?

Why do they need a movie when there are so many quality films that showcased the dedication, intelligence and strength of character of the U.S. Navy SEALs...?  I mean, come on, Froggins.  Hollywood has gotten it right so many times!

First off is this great flick starring the "Winning!" Charlie Sheen...it shows the professionalism and lifestyle of your average run of the mill US Navy SEAL:

Next, is this realistic movie with a SEAL portrayed by the award winning Demi Moore...I'm sure the Teams lined up to watch this one (and the only SEAL movie to not star Michael Biehn):

Then, there's this...all SEALS (led by Michael Biehn) are wiped out by rogue Marines in "the Shower Room" (not a euphemism)...

In the Abyss, the depth makes the SEAL Team leader (yes, it's Michael Biehn) crazy and this is what happens...

Others include Tears of the Sun (Bruce Willis), XXX 2 (Ice Cube played a Navy SEAL), and Under Seige(s) where Steven Seagal plays a former SEAL turned chef...

So, yeah, I'm kinda down with the HuffPo'ers on this one.  Why create a movie like this one? 

Answer:  Unlike the above, the answer is Because. It. Kicks. Ass.

Don't miss it!

Update: Almost forgot to mention that you can go here and post up a salute to our Armed Forces on the Act of Valor web site.

P.S. - If you ever are assigned to a unit where Michael Biehn is the commanding SEAL, ask for a transfer.

Uh-oh: Some 9/11 Remains Went to a Landfill

It looks like Arlington is not the only place with issues as Dover has lost some remains and personal effects of the victims of 9/11 (among other issues):

The Port Mortuary at Dover Air Force Base, Del., lost portions of remains of seven victims killed in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, according to an independent panel tasked with investigating the mortuary.

Army Gen. John Abizaid, who chaired the Defense Department-created panel in the wake of revelations that remains of troops had been lost or mishandled, declined Tuesday to elaborate on the incidents outlined in the report.

Among the other incidents: a $25,000 payout to the wife of a fallen Marine whose personal effects were accidentally destroyed in January 2007, human remains “misrouted” in 2005 “in a fashion [constituting] dereliction of duty,” and, two civilian cadavers were used that were used in 2009 to “test” crematorium facilities. The investigation also found that the remains from a Navy crew killed during a T-39 accident were cremated and disposed of as medical waste in July 2006 rather than being interred for group burial...

Apparently, the press conference on Dover was full on combat for General Abizaid.

More at the Air Force Times.

Attention P.A.O.'s in Afghanistan

TSO over at the Farm Team's place is going to go to Afghanistan this Spring and needs an embed.

...I will be writing an article for The American Legion Magazine (circ ~3 million) on my trip, and am completely leaving the topic open to see what I find. I would like to go back to Wardak and Ghazni to do a sort of “Six Years Later” thing on the area I served in. So, if any of you guys know a PAO, can you let me know? Preferably some sort of door-kicker unit, and a mech one at that, because my humping my fat ass up mountainside days are coming to an end.

For any prospective PAO’s, I guarantee you’ll never get a more sympathetic reporter. I have a CIB, I know how to brag about a good poop, and I don’t ever remember being offended by anything in my life. I also might wet myself (I am over 40) but you won’t have to drag my ass anywhere. You can just leave me in place. Maybe put some cones around me...

As I have spent time with TSO riding horses/trying to herd them across SW Montana in 33 degrees at altitude with sleet flying sideways for 10 hours at a stretch, he doesn't complain...ever...unless your horse is faster and more, um, well-endowed than his horse. 

But other than that.  Never.

You might have to put up with some horrible one liners and maybe some righteous flatulence, but other than that, the dude is solid...even if he is a dirty nasty leg.

In all seriousness, the Legion has the largest segment of subscribers who actually read the magazine of any periodical.  Any public affairs type should jump at the chance to have TSO embed with their unit.  Contact him at the link at the top of this post or hit me up.


Godspeed LTC (ret) Buck Compton!

Lynn. D. 'Buck' Compton has passed on.  His obit is in the LA Times

As a Los Angeles deputy district attorney, Lynn D. "Buck" Compton was known for heading the three-man team that successfully prosecuted Sirhan B. Sirhan for the 1968 slaying of U.S. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy.

And after then-Gov. Ronald Reagan appointed him to the 2nd District Court of Appeal in 1970, he was known as one of its most conservative jurists.

But it was long after he retired from the bench in 1990 that Compton became known for something that previously had been mentioned only in passing in newspaper articles about him: his World War II military service.

Compton was a first lieutenant in Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment in the Army's 101st Airborne Division — one of the true-life characters who gained late-in-life renown when they were portrayed in "Band of Brothers," the 2001 HBO miniseries based on historian Stephen E. Ambrose's 1992 bestseller...

He led one helluva life in and out of the military, in service to his country, community and family. 

Decades ago, as an ROTC student, I studied the fight at Brecourt Manor as the text book infantry assault.  After the Airborne Assault behind the lines at Normandy, 2nd Lieutenant Compton led the assault on the first German artillery guns (firing on Normandy beaches) under the command of Dick Winters. 



Read the whole obit here.