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The Nature of Warriors....

I know we passed into the territory of the chickafication of America and pulled off on the exit where the libturds have managed to mount quite a surge in their retarded battle to destroy manhood.

But the warriors and the sheep dogs that still fight the battles and win the wars are not about to go quietly into the night.

By now, you have heard of the Marines on Youtube that are on tape giving a well deserved golden shower to some jihadi Talimonkeys, who I am quite certain had it coming.  Does it shock the conscience?  Take "Safe Search" off on Google and type in some of those words I just mentioned and see if your conscience is more or less shocked by what you find.  Maybe for some of the new castrati who probably had to reconcile their feelings regarding naked men and how they felt about the military in general...  And most of these new castrati know that this action is something you usually have to pay extra for.

But I digress...

Wars and battle are ugly things.  The very insides of the dark side of humanity and the razor thin margins of how close we come to being animals when we fight our enemies rises to the very top for all to see.  It is not pretty and it is not polite.  When you fight an enemy that prefers death to surrender and straps bombs to little children and records it for posterity to blast out all over the world wide web, you need to start fighting a little fire with fire.  Spending every day with death tugging at your elbow while, in some cases, watching your men die, some of them good friends.  Seeing this happen right in front of you every day can lead to a thirst for revenge and pay back those life debts that few will ever know.  

I know that our grandfathers in B-17 crews over Germany, in the forests of the Ruhr Valley and at Tarawa, Bougainville, Guadalcanal, and Iwo Jima felt that thirst for revenge.  Our fathers certainly felt it in places like Khe Sanh, Hue City, and the Ia Drang Valley when they were walking point, carrying a machine gun or patrolling the rivers.  Who among them didn't add that extra burst of machine gun fire even though they saw the Messerschmitt they had just shot down only smoking a little as it limped away or put another 40mm round into a bunker, you know, just to make sure.  There were many who did not succumb to the temptation to exact revenge, but there were probably some who did...

And now there is talk that this could put a crimp in the peaceful style of the "grab the ankles and run away" exit strategy that the OinC has in mind for Afghanistan; certainly timed to go along with his class warfare "eat the rich" super-dee-duper successful campaign strategy.  Al-Reuters has their panties firmly bunched because they think this might stir anti-American sentiment after a decade of war.  Really?  This is what is gonna lose the war for us?  The fact that we are attempting to satisfy these subhuman POS's from the 7th Century who behead those who will not comply tells me just how far we have fallen down the rabbit hole.

The nature of warriors is something that only warriors will ever know.  Those that have never experienced this will never know why these men felt the need to do what they did.  But if our military is going to be effective in the long run, our enemies must fear us.  They must believe that we are capable of unspeakable evil and every now and then, we have to pull back the curtain a little and let them see a smidgen of what we are holding the lid on while we bomb them further into the stone age.  That fear of what those warriors are capable of will save lives.

Was it wrong for these Marines to do this?  Sure. Was there a breakdown in leadership?  No Doubt.  Do I understand with 100 percent certainty why they did it?  Absolutely.