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The last Haditha Marine about to walk free?

He damn sure should. Here are a couple of looks at the non-massacre in Haditha one from Sgt Tim Sumner and another by me (w/ some help from Grim. Bottom line? The loss of innocent life at Haditha was a tragedy, and the prosecution persecution of the Marines involved was a travesty. SSG Frank Wuterich seems very close to some well-deserved vindication.

Camp Pendleton, Calif. -- Defend Our Marines has learned there is a deal on the table inside a Camp Pendleton courtroom where SSgt Frank D Wuterich now balances choices that will determine the rest of life. The 31-year-old father of three can bite the proverbial bullet and ask for administrative separation, or he can dig in his heels and fight for the principles he has already proved he is willing to die for.

Another option, considered less likely but more compelling, is a “Directed Verdict,” in which the judge tells the government it hasn’t made its case in all or some of the specifications of the criminal complaint. Military lawyer Kevin McDermott, an Orange County-based attorney who has been defending Marines for his entire career, says a directed verdict sends a potent message to panelists that the government has it wrong. ”A snippet of evidence in every charge” is all military judge LtCol David Jones has to take umbrage with to cast doubt on the entire prosecution case, he said.