Jan. 5 in US Military History
Reminder: WaPo, not Military, Created Jessica Lynch Myth

Losing a war and a peace

The end game of Obama's decision to "end" the war in Afghanistan is nigh. We are making a deal with the Taliban, a losing one. Our Commander in Chief fundamentally misunderstands the way wars must be fought, and I am not talking about strategy or tactics. I am talking about winning or losing. Right after his coronation, I made a video that I hoped could serve as a warning or advice or just a clue. Sadly it was simply prophetic. Obama fulfilled his campaign promise to send troops to Afghanistan (the good war) and at the same time fulfilled his basic nature by setting them up to fail. Here is the video ( a few well-earned curse words included) and my words are even more true having been borne out. You can't end wars Mr. President; They are won or lost. Afghanistan has been lost.

Well he has done it. I am not certain at all that the war in Afghanistan could have been won. But you could hardly pick a strategy better suited to losing it than the one Obama has employed. His faux surge sent troops to a war zone with an expiration date. The Taliban waited out the Soviets and they must have been laughing when he stood in front of the cadets at West Point and announced his ludicrous plan. Our enemies knew that our troops would be gone before the 2012 elections. Obama ordered our forces to war and made sure they had no way to win it, because he needed to "end" the war and return to his real passion as Campaigner in Chief. Shameful, truly shameful.

He began running his mouth as a Senator about the bad war in Iraq causing us to lose focus on the good war in Afghanistan. He was a lead voice in the cut and run chorus and did all he could to lose the war in Iraq. If we had listened to his advice, we would have suffered the exact same kind of defeat there that we are about to suffer in Afghanistan. We will now cede the field of battle, where so much US blood has been shed, to the enemy. And we will sue for something less than peace from the very people who hosted the planning and execution of 9/11. Bravo, well done sir.

It has been a long decade of war and we are all tired, none more so than the troops who have marched to the sound of gunfire over and over again. They, with the steadfast support of a real Commander in Chief George W. Bush, won the war in Iraq. They did so against the best efforts of Barack Obama and his allies in defeatism. Now President Obama, having failed to lose the war, is doing his level best to lose the peace there. He and his clown prince Biden purposely bungled a deal to keep US troops there and so we will cede a field of peace to the Iranians. Losing a war and a peace in only three years, that is some impressive work. If you judge people by their works, that makes him a loser. But unfortunately the losses are really suffered by the men and women who sacrificed their lives, limbs and peace of mind in wars Obama chose to simply end.