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Bugging Out of A-Stan?

Axelrod says Romney wouldn't have killed OBL

Tool doesn't even begin to describe complete ass-clown David Axelrod.

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama's top campaign strategist, David Axelrod, said Sunday that he doubts presidential candidate Mitt Romney would have had the courage to order the May raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan, that claimed the life of 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden.

"I'm not sure Mitt Romney would have made that decision," Axelrod told George Stephanopoulos on ABC's "This Week." "It was a very courageous decision."

You are judged by the associations you make. This man is a reprehensible swine and one of the President's closest and most influential advisers. It is almost comical to see them trying to spin Barry O as some sort of national security tough guy. I will grant he has approved the stacking of a few dead tangos like cord wood.  However, he has done so because his policies pretty much make capturing and interrogating them impossible. Dead is good, but alive and spilling the beans is better.

I had a chat w/ an NPR host over the weekend about how odd it was that during the Bush administration the heinous act of waterboarding created a massive backlash of outrage. But, now that Obama is simply vaporizing the bad guys without a shred of due process, there is deafening silence. My point being that as a terrorist, I would greatly prefer to be waterboarded and then housed at a comfy facility in the Carribean rather than returned to my component molecules in a rain of Hellfire. But that's just me.

The bottom line is we have been severely weakened by Obama, The Appeaser. We can start w/ losing one war and one peace, Iran going full bore on the Mullah bomb, our reset w/ the Russians going fabulously, the Arab Spring installing Islamists in Egypt, Libya and much of the rest of the Middle East and the military being told it needs to hold a bake sale if it wants to defend the country. Well done so far, sir.