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Dec. 12 in US Military History

MUST SEE - ARIGATO! - Japan Thanks You

Note:  A reminder that a lot of you helped Soldiers' Angels send over one ton of winter coats, blankets and supplies and over $60,000 for our Sailors and Marines to give to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

...When they took me in the back to get the boxes, seven of them escorted me and waited for my response when I saw them. I just smiled, then they asked me, "What are you doing with so many boxes?" I told them that Soldiers' Angels sent these to me to help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami on mainland. They just could not believe it and one of the ladies started to cry. She went to the back and workers told me she just couldn't believe the kindness of Soldiers' Angels and all the Americans that support us. She came back out and hugged me and told me to tell you that she thanks you from the bottom of her heart and will forever be grateful. It was a moment I will never forget. Thank you and the warehouse who worked long and hard...