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Making friends at the Army/Navy game

(Editor [LTC SAM]- Most entertaining pics are below the fold, your commentary is most graciously invited)

OK, so the college football team for the Navy beat the college football team for the Army. That has caused a bunch of Navy types to make big noise. I want to remind them of just one thing: The game is over and you are still in the Navy. Heh.

Sam & I went to the game and I had the opportunity to make some new friends and catch up with some good folks. My girl got us tickets in the Army suite so there were VIPs everywhere. We caught up with one of the cooler General officers you will ever run into and a guy who will do his best to hold the line against the upcoming budget nightmares: Gen. Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.


We ran into some more senior, senior, senior leaders and you just won't believe who. Pictures below the fold.

First through the door was the architect of the Magic Ninja plan, VP Joe Biden. We talked strategery, I think I broke his brain.


Then came the man himself, The President, The CinC, the Punahao Kid Barack Obama. I'd love to say I just photo-bombed Sam's pic with him, but nope, it was both of us all cuddly and huggy and the love was flowing. Yeah, yeah, yeah my card is pulled, I know. Does it help that I have the hand signal for distress just below the frame? I didn't think so either. Seasoned operator that I am, I took the opportunity to slip signed Executive Orders keeping Gitmo open and repealing ObamaCare in his pocket plus I lifted that Govt. American Express card he has been using to bankrupt us. So it wasn't a complete bust.


All in all a great day. Army played their hearts out and I made the world safer for democracy and freedom-loving people.