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Bad Bosses - Army National Guard Style

Wow.  Just have a small glimpse in what it must have been like to work for this jackwagon...

...Fond of calling his soldiers “fatty, chubby, baldy, or tubby,” Stemple had his drivers track the number of desserts eaten by his command sergeant major and put the results on a slide in a staff briefing.

“He had drivers for three months go through my trash can to see what I ate and then displayed that publicly to everyone in the staff,” said the noncommissioned officer in his sworn statement. “And he thought it was hilarious.”

The brigade intelligence officer said when he corrected Stemple in a staff meeting, Stemple shouted, “I am so f---ing mad, I want to punch you in the face!” The officer said Stemple later apologized...

But here's the kicker (IMAO):

In one incident, Stemple pulled off a captain’s 101st patch in front of a group and replaced it with the patch of the 67th BfSB, the report stated.

Another soldier said Stemple got into his personal space over an 82nd Airborne patch he was wearing.

More at the Army Times.

Had my share of lunatic bosses.  Any great stories?  Put 'em in the Comments (but keep it clean, people).