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Act of Valor- a movie you must see

I attended a preview screening of a movie about Navy SEALs coming out in February called Act of Valor. Let's start this review with WOW! and everything else is subject to that modifier.

This movie is awesome. There are many reasons but let's start with the most important one- the guys in the movie are Navy SEALs, real ones, from SEAL teams and it shows. There is action in every bit of this movie. It was done by real dudes so it actually looks real and in a lot of cases is real. One of the best examples is when a couple of fast boats come to exfil them from a hostage rescue and the boat guys light up some bad guys and their pick up trucks with miniguns. Almost too beautiful for words.

But let's use some words anyhow. This movie did something I think everyone here will truly appreciate: It showed our warriors without any of the usual BS Hollywood feels obligated to add. They were fighting bad guys, killing them in bunches and not feeling remorse or commiting war crimes or breaking down in tears over the inhumanity of it all. Good guys kick ass and tangos get stacked like cord wood. What are your questions? All right, all right! Enough of my jaw-jacking. First just watch the trailer.

OK, so did that get your blood pumping? Well my hair stood on end for the entire movie- start to finish. It was patently obvious that the guys who made this film, the Bandito Brothers, set out to do something unprecedented, to get out of the way and just show the world what our pipehitters do for a living. What a brilliant idea, and it worked.

The guys who appeared in this film didn't volunteer because they are glory hounds, matter of fact they aren't even named. They all had to be pretty much marched to the set after being told they were gonna take one for the teams. In the credits they just roll the names of all the SEALs killed since 9/11. The guys you see on screeen did their buddies proud and now most of them are back in the fray ventilating craniums and returning scumbags to room temperature. You will especially enjoy the Senior Chief intel dude. He is a world class smart ass and smart guy.You would definitely want him on your team.

I asked the Navy if guys would be available to talk about the film, but the Navy said no. Apparently they can only be trusted to sling lead, not talk to the media. The Navy gave access to all kinds of amazing gear and platforms including submarines, SEAL delivery vehicles, aircraft etc. Let's hope they stand behind the film and support it during release.

So when it comes out, go, buy popcorn, sit down and then enjoy the ride, 'cuz it is a screamer. They even made sure to have a Day Hollywood Ramp HALO jump for me and Matty O. Do I need to say go see it any more or have you got the message. Heck if you want to double down, read Kill Bin Laden then go see it. You will probably end up volunteering for BUDS, well if you can pass the "spinning a ball on your nose test". You didn't think I could kiss this much SEAL ass and not take one shot did you?