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A New Year Wish

2011 has been quite a year.  I know for that for many it has not been a good year.  Looked at one way, it has been what I would consider the worst year of my own life.  There are many reasons for that, for myself and for others. 

Yet, looked at another way, it has been one of the best years of my life -- and much of that is because of blogging and you, the readers.  Without blogging, I would never have met Matt or otherwise become a member of this blog.  My embeds to Iraq would never have happened, and Cooking with the Troops would never have come about; and, without your support, we could not have done what we've done. 

I think pretty much without exception, every high point in 2011 came from Cooking with the Troops and working with U.S. and Allied troops, their families, and caregivers.  From Operation Fight Post Holiday Blues to pig roasts at Brook Army Medical Center, from Cooking Fun 101 events to swearing a new oath to defend; from the Dayton VA to NASDAQ on Veteran's Day:  what an amazing year it has been.  I've gotten to finally meet my Cuban brother in the flesh, and gotten to meet some amazing people such as Heather, Jorge and Joey, and the amazing folks at the Warrior and Family Support Center.  It is no wonder I would like to make Cooking with the Troops my life as it is the best part of my life. 

Given that 2011 has redefined the term "embrace the suck" for far too many of us, I offer this wish for 2012:  May the best of 2011 be the worst we face in the new year, and may 2012 be filled with health, happiness, joy, and prosperity for all of good will.  May our enemies lament our good fortune, and be turned from their path; and, may those that do not turn find themselves no longer our problem.  May our friends share in our good fortune; and, may we share with those of deserving need. 

May 2012 be a good one.  Be safe out there this evening with all the amateurs about, and enjoy the new year.