Some Thoughts On Veteran's Day
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Veteran's Day At NASDAQ

A longer post is coming, but I wanted to share a small bit of what happened yesterday with you.  These two pictures are something special:


In both are Phil Perugini, who is a surviving member of the Band of Brothers.  On D-Day, his jump went bad, and he ended up holding position in a hole for four days until found and relieved -- while also dealing with a broken/shattered thigh.  In the first photo is a young man (Army) you may have seen on Fox & Friends making a surprise proposal (she said yes).  For someone that they said might lose a leg and/or not walk again, he gets around.  In the second photo is a young lady (Navy) who spent three years in a wheelchair, and despite the pain standing and walking cause, just finished a culinary bootcamp and came down to meet someone she regarded as a true hero (both deny they are heros, FYI). 

Yesterday, Cooking with the Troops was able to bring together the generations, and do a very special event with those serving and those who have served.  It was very different from what we normally do, but in the end it was the same:  it brought people together and provided comfort, nutrition, and hope. 

I hope that all of you will help us do more.  We have far more requests than we can begin to handle; we have volunteers who want to do, and do more; and, there is much more to do.  With your help, we can and we will.  On behalf of the Board, National Advisory Board, and volunteers, our thanks to you who make it possible for us to do; to the blogs taking part in this first online fundraiser; and, to 3Media Partners for organizing it.  A lot has been done in a year and a half.  With your help and support, we will take it up an order of magnitude in the coming year.