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Afghanistan: “Lacks A Clear Path To Success”

Told Ya So

Some of you may recall that I popped up on the B5 grid in May after my NSW colleagues at long last punched bin Laden's ticket.  

Let me assure you right now that there is no such thing as a “Kill only “ mission. If that SEAL operator came through the door to find UBL with his hands up, compliant, and unarmed (including no evidence of a suicide vest) he would have taken a muzzle strike to the face, but not any rounds. He would have swallowed some teeth, been flex cuffed, and dragged roughly out to a marshalling area and then onto the helo. To start out with the story that UBL had used his wife as a shield while shooting at the assaulters and to devolve that into to a woman was wounded and UBL was unarmed and shot in the face is quite a large spectrum of “truth”. Add to that the false notion of the “Kill only” mission, and now you have the entire SEAL community being thrown under the bus as wonton killers of women and unarmed civilians.

This has been confirmed by retired SEAL Captain Chuck Pfarrer in a new book called SEAL Target Geronimo.  The Daily Mail of London interviews Pfarrer about the book and how the story of the operation is almost completely false.  According to Pfarrer who interviewed participants in the operation, the SEALs had double tapped "Bert" (their nickname for UBL/Zwahiri is Ernie) within the first 90 seconds of the operation.  The assault team was inserted on the roof and quickly made their way to Bert's room and shot him twice after he dove across his bed to grab an AKSU rifle.  The helo crash occurred after Bert was already down and the 45 minute trudge up the 3 story building is just plain wrong. 

All along this story bothered me especially the part about the "kill" mission stuff.  To say that these guys would have breached that room and just shot Bert and his girlfriend no matter what was feeding lefty douchebag's "death squad" fantasies.  If in fact they had received a "kill" order, it would be incumbent upon the POTUS to take responsibility for that which he did not.  Panetta then at CIA, confirmed the "kill" order story in subsequent days.  If you are going to bask in the glory of another man's risk, it is incumbent to give that man the top cover and support he is entitled to.  Obama and Panetta failed to do that, and this book sounds like they are going to hammer him for it. 

Apparently, the movie of this book is already in the works and may very well completely negate the Obama hagiography that was planned for the pre-election movie season.  We shall see.  In any event, do go see Act of Valor in February if you want to see what its like to be in the Teams.