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Stache Bash! - BlackFive Update #1

One of the awesome things about this blog is that the military reads it in Afghanistan and Iraq.  From MGySgt "Crusty" somewhere near Leatherneck...

Training with ANA

So I see there is a movement afoot to grow facial hair in support of some cause ‘Mustache Up?’  Not sure what it is, but perhaps it supports research to keep us from dying from ass-cancer which is great.  Anyways, for the last two months, I have been heavily engaged in a FID effort that teaches the Afghani’s to help protect themselves [redacted].  So I have also grown a cookie duster in order to fit in.  Nuff said before somebody has to come and kill me. 

I have decided that my salt and pepper facial hair (within USMC standards) should be entered into the Mustache Up fray…and Movember too.  So here I am mugging for the camera lens with a couple of my Afghani partners…Lt X and Sgt Y…soon me and my little platoon of ANA soldiers will deploy out into the [redacted] badlands and see what they can do to help find and fix some Taliban targets.

Semper Fi,


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