Vets...Thanks to One and All
That Which Others Did Not Want To Be

Over The Top....

On the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month, and now in the 11th month of this 11th Year, we celebrate the sacrifices of those that came before us, and the sacrifices of those who are serving now, and the sacrifices of those who never came home.

Thanks to Barney, Shinny Shin, Frank, Kingnut for all those drills weekends and finally, those deployments I said were coming.  Never have I spent such an important amount of time being miserable and enjoyed it so much. 

Thanks to Captain Jack for watching my back and being my partner on our date with destiny.  I can never thank you enough for your service with me and choosing me to go and get shot at with.  When we went "over the top," you were always there for me.  You were right, it really was, in a sick and twisted way, fun. 

Thanks to all the vets I work with, even the ones who hate the MP's.  Keep it up and I will show you what a bar hammerlock take-down looks like at "combat speed."

Thanks to all the men that write on this blog and to Matty O' who invited me to this great place.  Your service both in uniform, and in this new "army" here continues to make me want to be better at doing this, and it gives me an outlet to still feel like I am doing my duty.

And Thanks to all my family members that have served in this century and the last.  My service was inspired by yours and I had no doubt that this would be where I ended up.  Your selfless service to this great nation and the cause of freedom are the stories I tell your grandchild about, and maybe one day, he can do the same.

And to all the veterans out there, hoist a drink and toast to yourselves and enjoy your day and buy a round for those that aren't able to join us today.  Drink to your health and to the freedom that we have provided for more than 200 years now.