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Total Failure

If there is any coherent message that can be gleaned from the Occupy Wall Street “movement”, it is that our system of public and higher education can now be declared a total and complete failure.  The fact that there exists no accountability at any level of our Education-Industrial Complex is perfectly clear for all to see.  It seems fair to say that responsibility for this can be laid squarely at the feet of the teacher’s unions and their members who have perpetuated an economic structure in education and a curricular agenda that has been allowed to defy gravity for 40 years.


If you aren’t able to wrap your mind around the pernicious influence of the teacher’s unions you need only to watch the utterly disheartening and yet essential film “Waiting for Superman”.  Spoiler Alert: Superman is not coming.  Suffice it to say that every time you hear education activists talk about spending money on children, they are lying through their teeth.  That money is for teachers; make no mistake.  Not only that, but they have consistently and effectively resisted any mechanism that is designed to improve teacher performance through adherence to absurdities like tenure, and by prohibiting merit pay structures through collective bargaining.  Put simply, they exist to ensure that government jobs once obtained are inviolate without any accounting for performance or competency.  That is not to say that there are no great teachers, just that even those teachers are influenced over time when it becomes apparent that their pay is completely detached from their effort and they can’t promote by any means other than seniority or advanced degrees.


So a child that makes it through that system without dropping out shows up on a college campus totally unprepared for collegiate level academics finds him/herself in a psych, sociology, history, or literature class where their glaring deficiencies aren’t as much of a hindrance as they would be in Chemistry, Calculus, or Physics.  Waiting for them there is a tenured hack with the full panoply of liberal/socialist agenda items infused into their course who sees his mission as one of evangelism rather than education.  The classes are easy and even inspiring as the ponytailed professor shovels decades old, discredited, leftist socio-racial-economic dogma onto the student’s plates and rewards them for vomiting it back to him with no thought or concern whether those ideas have any practical application whatsoever.


Upon graduation, the student is uneducated, believes things about economics that are false, tens of thousands of dollars in debt and completely unqualified for gainful employment anywhere to include flipping burgers.  This dreck is what has been spit out onto the streets of New York and elsewhere.  Few if any young people are fully prepared when they first strike out on their own, and the shock and struggle of those early years is what makes or breaks them in the future.  With this crop however, they come out of the education womb as fully formed degenerates, their professors having foreseen the challenges and rather than preparing them to face them, they prepared them with excuses for why they cannot be faced.


At the end of the day these young people have been destroyed, perhaps permanently, by adults whose only priority was a government paycheck and the privilege of suspending reality by living in the ivory tower.  They are pitiable creatures indeed, and the fact that they are out in public proclaiming their abject ignorance through the humiliating use of the “human microphone” ought to be to the eternal shame of those who have allowed and facilitated this disastrous system of failure inculcation we call education.