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The Jesse MacBeth Stolen Valor Tournament Finals: Pick your National Chumpion

The good men of This Ain't Hell have put up the National Finals poll for the First Annual Jesse McBeth Stolen Valor Awards.  Here are your two finalists:

MSGT Soup Sandwich:

Showed up for a graduation ceremony at Fort Benning (Sand Hill), on Wed, 15 Jun 2011, wearing AF uniform with 15 rows of awards and decorations, and 7 badges from the Army and Air Force.

Claims to be a wounded medic.

 Likes to inhale shoe cleaner.



GEN Ballduster McSoulpatch:

Friends with the Dalai Llama and Steven Segal.

Was Vice President of Asian Operations, Samaya, Inc., and in the Army was “Advisor to the Commander-In-Chief (1995-1999) regarding S.E. Asian Affairs, with a specific focus on Thailand, Cambodia & Laos.”

Claims to have attended Standford, Assumption University, Purdue, DLI, and JFKSWCS.

Arrested wearing a diaper on his head.


Go over to This Ain't Hell and cast your vote for the "winner"...

BTW, created the portraits.  Thanks, Sniper!