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Update: Act of Valor

Special Forces Staff Sergeant Tim Kennedy Joins the U.F.C.!!!

Great news for Tim Kennedy fans!

From the Next Great Fighter:

...Kennedy, loved by many American fans, has publicly spoken out against Bisping on several occasions, lambasting the Brit for his involvement in Spitgate during the Jorge Rivera fight.

"Fighting Michael Bisping wouldn't be about the money and that's why I said I'd give my fight money to charity," Kennedy said back in May. "I don't think there's anybody in the sport that's ever blatantly cheated as clearly as he has and then walks away with the win from it.

"It's not him necessarily, it's just the idea of everything about him. It's everything he says, it's everything he does. It's the way he fights."...

Nice going, Tim!  Can't wait to see your first UFC fight!

IMG_6863Tim Kennedy and Uncle Jimbo at AUSA

[Yes, we are such big fans of Tim's that we created a category - read more about Tim as SYSK and in the Tim Kennedy category link here.]