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McChrystal joins board of Spirit of America

Stan the Man McChrystal has joined the board of one of our favorite action-oriented groups Spirit of America. Here is the announcement and congratulations to a great group for adding a great man to their team.

At a dinner two weeks ago, General McChrystal said, "the reason I'm so passionate about this [Spirit of America] is that Jim has hit upon a model that is very flexible. It's what we Americans can do well. It's being flexible at the lowest level. The US Government is not the right entity to do that. We've got the best service people in the world but we'll never be flexible enough to bring all America's strength to bear. That is the really entrepreneurial part ... that is the focus part. I could not be more passionate about what Jim is doing."

We have covered many of the amazing things SoA has done to actively assist our troops in performing their missions.