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Keeper of the Flame dinner

Last night was the Keeper of the Flame award dinner put on by Frank Gaffney's think tank, the Center for Security Policy. This year the award went to Buck McKeon, the Chairman of the House Armed Services committee and a tireless fighter for the budget we need to keep our country safe. He greatly deserves the recognition and let's hope he wins many more battles on the Hill. He was joined on the dais by Sen. Jon Kyl, who sits on the super committee that will try to cut the deficit/debt and not destroy the military in the process- well at least he will try and do the latter. Also speaking was Rep. (LTC ret.) Allen West, who is well known to B5 readers and to the country now. Not to take anything away from the other gentlemen, but he rocked the house speaking with no notes. This shouldn't shock anyone who has heard or seen him before, but it was a tour de force tracing our heritage of martial strength from Lexington & Concord to Abbotobad, Pakistan. I will post the video of his speech as soon as it is available. A great evening spent with true patriots doing all they can to keep America strong.


Me & Rep. West


LTC Nerove (my girl) & Buck McKeon