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Equine therapy for wounded warriors

FOX5 DC came out to Ft Myer and did an excellent story about the Caisson Platoon Equine Assisted Program which has helped many of our troops with non-visible and visible injuries. The program helps physically injured troops regain core body strength and balance and for those with TBI and PTSD it does those things, but also much more. Non-visible injuries create difficulties for people who have them, as they can look and seem fine, while inside they are far from fine. The program is more than simply riding horses; they generate a connection between the horse and rider so that they work together. The interaction makes them a team and that bond helps the riders both physically and emotionally. FOX interviewed my girlfriend yesterday and this is the piece. I have seen how much working with the horses has helped her recovery and I highly recommend this type of therapy. http://www.operationsilverspurs.org/CPEAP.html

ARLINGTON, Va. - When Lt. Col. Sam Nerove grabs the reigns to guide a 2000 pound horse, she is taking control of something else too.

"I was in the deepest, darkest, hell hole," says Nerove.

She was injured in the early 1990s in Dessert Storm. She returned to combat in Iraq in 2008.

"Similar environment. More rockets, bombs, bullets, and bodies," says Nerove.

Soon her post traumatic stress disorder was so bad she had to be Medevaced out.

Wounded Warriors Heal with Help of Iconic Animals: MyFoxDC.com