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A Different Request

Provided that nothing in this is illegal, immoral, or fattening, hope that someone might can help with a few things.  We have someone looking for some gear: 

ACU in good shape (pass inspection):  XL top, regular; L regular pants; field jacket XL; parka XL.  Also, green fleece XL, PT jacket XL, and PT black pants in L.

Army Dress Blue Jacket in 48 or 50R, Class A Jacket in 48 or 50R, pants ask.

Also, trying to lay hands on some MREs, new, good shape as some may be used for demos. 

Finally, any extraneous gear someone going forward might like, drop a line so we can check.

Send any inquiries to wolf1 at laughingwolf dot and net; and, if any of this is illegal, immoral --and particularly/especially fattening -- nevermind...