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1% of the 53%


I have watched with great interest what's going on around the country with these protests- and I'm sorry to say, I cannot, in any way shape or form, agree with anything these mis-guided, mis-directed, and lost 'kids' stand for.

They certainly don't represent anything me or my family has ever endured.  They do not come from anything like my background- not that that means as much, but these people obviously thought that by acting smarter than anyone brought them rights and priveleges no one else deserved. 

With that, and with the sites such as this one who are sharing who the REAL people of America are, I want to start something along the same lines.

The 1%ers. 

According to multiple sources, only around 1% of the population of the US has ever served in uniform- overall.  The percentage that has served in current conflicts is even smaller.  So how can these fools on Wall Street, or Main Street, or anywhere they are protesting, even imagine to represent us?  It's just not even feasible to contemplate.

Join me- in showing who the 1% are- who have been silent thru all of this.

Be- a 1%er