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World Trade Center Remembered In Movies


Dan Meth has taken snippets of scenes from the many movies in which the World Trade Center appeared over the years and woven them into a short movie, which you can watch by clicking on the above.

I'm often jarred by the sight of the World Trade Center casually displayed in an old TV show or movie, sometimes in the background or an establishing shot. After I spent a day wandering around Greenwich Village I was charmed to recognize Washington Square Park as the place college kid Harry dropped off Sally in "When Harry Met Sally," but taken aback to see the World Trade Center perfectly framed in the Washington Square Arch. I had just taken a photo of the same arch from about the same spot where the movie camera must have been planted and knew there was nothing framed in that arch now but blue sky.

In "Trading Places," when Dan Akroyd and Eddie Murphy trot off to the commodities trading floor to thwart the Duke Brothers attempt to corner the futures market in frozen concentrated orange juice, the camera follows them through the plaza of the World Trade Center with that peculiar design of the exterior columns. The second I see those it takes me back mentally to the ghastly scenes after Sep 11 when those shattered columns are sticking up out of the ruins amidst smoke and fire.

It's disturbing to see these reminders of the antebellum Sep 10 world pop up without warning when you're in the middle of a comedy, but it's good to have these constant reminders so that we never, never forget.