Men of Valor

Peaceful assassinations in Afghanistan

It is exceedingly and increasingly difficult to see a positive future for Afghanistan. Our efforts there have essentially ended in any meaningful way. Gen Allen has stated that our mission is now transition, but the question who?

Well it won't be this guy.

The Taliban have claimed credit for today's suicide attack in Kabul that killed Burhanuddin Rabbani, the chief of the Afghan High Peace Council and former president of Afghanistan. The suicide bomber killed Rabbani in his home and seriously wounded Masoom Stanekzai, the peace council's secretary, after detonating an explosive device that was hidden in his turban.

"A Taliban member who went to Rabbani's house for peace talks detonated a bomb hidden in his turban," a statement released by the Kabul police chief's office said, according to Reuters. The suicide bomber had not been searched by security forces prior to entering Rabbani's home, as a sign of trust.

Mohammed-cartoon Yeah how did that whole trust thing work out for you? I have argued for years now that it was possible to create a somewhat stable situation there, but that was prefaced on certain conditions. The biggest of which was kicking the crap out of the Taliban so they were suing for peace. Sadly we have gone the other way and are now begging them to come to the table. Rats don't change their spots, so it should surprise no one that one came dressed as Mohammed Bomb Head.

We spent far too long marking time in Afghanistan hoping that a fantasy national government would emerge to take control. Then we threw away our last chance to do what was necessary when our Campaigner in Chief announced his political faux surge complete w/ withdrawal date. Shockingly the Taliban just waited us out and now the insurgents are resurgent and we are packing our bags. We did not make the effort and commitments necessary to have any real chance of achieving stability, let alone peace. Afghanistan is exceptional only because it is the hell hole where a small collection of medieval obscurantists plotted their greatest victory against the civilized world. So be it. There are a few left there, mostly hiding out and hanging out with our allies in Pah-kee-stahn. But all in all, there just isn't enough reason for us to keep half-stepping our way around the Hindu Kush and assorted other rocky wastelands.

It is time to go.