Re: This war can be won...

Mullen says Pakistan runs insurgent groups

Well no kidding.

The sad thing is that he couldn't say the blisteringly obvious fact that Pakistan founded many of the Taliban and related insurgent groups that plague Afghanistan and they continue to fund and run them now. Politics and diplomacy prevented him from doing this previously, but he is retiring and apparently the blatant hypocrisy pushed him over the edge. Now the administration is trying to leak itself out of this bind.

Adm. Mike Mullen’s assertion last week that an anti-American insurgent group in Afghanistan is a “veritable arm” of Pakistan’s spy service was overstated and contributed to overheated reactions in Pakistan and misperceptions in Washington, according to American officials involved in U.S. policy in the region.

It may contribute to overheated reactions in Pakistan, but that doesn't make it one ounce less true. I have been writing and speaking about this for years and it is probably the biggest problem we have in the region. We cannot neutralize, let alone defeat, an enemy that has safe havens and support in a neighboring country. This is made even worse when their sponsors are ostensibly our allies and we share intel with them. The bin Laden raid came as  surprise to them because if we had told them, he would have been long gone before anyone knocked on his door.

You go to war with the allies you have, not the allies you want. All we have are the Pakistanis, and they are a hardly a unified country. Elements within the government, military and intel services all play their own games and so we try yo guess who really is helping us. The answer is pretty much nobody, and that is another good reason to get the hell out of Dodge.