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Michael Yon goes full batshit crazy

I have been watching safe from my hooch here in America as the Greatest Combat Correspondent in His Own Mind, Michael Yon has completely lost it. He has taken to publicly attacking soldiers serving in a war zone......again. Yes, this is not a first for him. Matter of fact, you could say it is his modus operandi. Yon seems to run into trouble with somebody nearly every time he heads out. Invariably he ends up writing an angry diatribe about how they are out to get him. He calls them names like crazy monkeys, declares that Gen. McChrystal is a liar and needs to be watched, and uses sources who are dead or liars themselves. He causes some unwarranted trouble and then gets shown to the door kicking, screaming and throwing a tantrum like a four-year-old being given a time out.

He recently made some wonderfully deranged statements about a fellow milblogger currently deployed to Afghanistan, CJ Grisham. This paranoid screed would give a psychiatric professional fodder for a whole series of books. Mikey even stoops to using MAJ Hasan as an insinuated comparison in a sorry attempt to inflame his readers FFS. 

Here is part of Mikey's whinge:

This soldier concerns me as a lethal threat to my person.  Most recently, in another angry tirade, Grisham wrote, “I want to rip his head off and piss down his windpipe!”  In my world, there is no television and people die all the time.  All bullets are live.  All threats are real.

CJ answered him quite well on his own blog, but allow me to make a bone-ass simple explanation any rational human being would understand. First of all Porko, CJ and the rest of the US military are very aware of the fact that bullets are real and can kill people. Hell, he got a valor award for clearing a trench full of bad guys in Iraq all of whom would have loved to kill him. But you see Mikey, you pissed him, and pretty much everyone else other than your sycophants, off because you published a piece describing the dying moments of a US soldier in grossly, gratuitously, graphic language. That was fucked up like polio Mike. You shouldn't have done that since his family will end up reading your war pr0n and they deserve better than that. But since you are more concerned with tittilating those who fill your tip jar, you pissed on his family and published it thus violating all that is humane and decent.

That is why CJ sent a hyperbolic bit of rhetoric onto the internets. You know it wasn't a threat, but you used it to paint yourself as a victim and garner some sympathy funding for your long overdue return to the ladyboys of Soi Cowboy in Bangkok. Oh and Mikey, is "your world" one where a punkass (I'm talking about you) who failed miserably in the Special Forces community and left with his tail between his legs (still talking about you buddy) with zero real accomplishments (undistinguishedly you) reinvents himself as a picture-making (blurry), truth-to-power talking (in your paranoid style), loud-mouthed annoyance (bloviatingly obvious) trying to possum a ride on the backs of those wearing the uniform proudly and well?

Mikey is now in full on fear for his life mode and they are all out to get him. He is currently concocting a tale of woe to cover his extra-wide ass as he is apparently being bounced from yet another embed.

Unfortunately --

One of the soldiers aligned with CJ Grisham is right here at 4-4 Cav. His name is Sergeant First Class Coleman. Looks like for my own safety, I'll have to call an end to this embed. He has made no threats but the threats within his group are enough. The unprofessionalism among some of the senior NCOs is incredible.

 Michael Yon

Captain Carbone just walked into my tent and assaulted me. He brought a witness, so this may be tough. In any case, time to go.

Yon's mental and emotional decline has been underway for several years. Any reason to take him seriously has evaporated along with his credibility. Given that we here at BLACKFIVE had a huge impact in launching his career, it has not been something I have enjoyed. He once served as a voice for the troops in a sea of misinformation. He now serves as the voice of malignant narcissism serving only his own vastly over-inflated ego. The only thing that matches his ego for size is his even-more-inflated waistline. He is a magnificent jelly-doughnut-scarfing fatbody. The thing that amazes me is that he can find enough chow to maintain that gargantuan bulk in theater. Maybe he is dipping into Fat Bastard's stash of tasty babies.

What, you want proof? OK here is the pic he uses to advertise himself:


But wait a minute, no one would recognize this as the Michael Yon currently sassing his betters while they fight in Afghanistan. Here is the jumpsuit-seam-busting, self-obsessed wanking device on his now rapidly-disintegrating embed.


You can't really blame him for using the first pic, the not quite so mammoth Mikey, from many moons & moon pies ago. You can blame him for defaming US troops in a combat zone who simply pointed out what a complete douchebag he is.

Go away and leave the real soldiers to do their jobs Mikey.