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Last Day- Legion Convention 2011

Update 4:  Mr Fang A. Wong, from the department of NY, is duly elected the new National Commander of the American Legion. Here he is being administered the oath of office.


Update 3:  In keeping with the tradition of the last day of the convention, they've just nominated the next National Commander- and this is quite a fest.  Balloons, bands, even a Chinese dragon has marched thru.  No campaign like this that I've ever seen.  One for the books- and I highly doubt they've ever had a dragon march thru the convention!  They're trying to get the convention back to order... good luck with that when a 100-pc marching band is on the move thru it...

Update 2:  Another bit on internals; but this is getting interesting.  This one has to do with the Defense Business Board's recommendations on changing the retirement structure of the military.  This has brought some of the most strongly-worded sentiment out of the people here yet.  They are not roiling against change in THEIR retirement- they have theirs.  Interrupting/changing it for those currently serving has them riled.  As it should.  If you want to pick a fight with veterans, this isn't one that will go quietly into the shadows.

Update 1:  Rep Bachmann is here- supposedly, had an 'accident' on the way here to the meeting.  She's 'stumping' a bit, and has been up for a lengthy talk.  She's hitting on everything, and there is quite a media contingent here to cover it.  ''The American Debt is our most serious national security issue'' is what she's quoting from ADM Mullen, CJCS, and that our debt payments go to building/purchasing the aircraft carrier that the Chinese just acquired.  Also, that the US must be the leader in manufacturing again, and that we need to bring those skills and jobs back.  She's hit on about every issue you can imagine up here- borders, security, debt, jobs, all of it.  ''Killing bin Laden did not win the war on terror'' she says, and that we still have a challenge ahead as there are those who still want to do harm to the US.  Actions in Afghanistan must be made on MILITARY consideration, not political.  She says she will stand with Israel, and against a nuclear Iran. 

Today is the last day of the convention- yeah, I get it.  You're happy, and I'll be on my way home soon.  What does this all mean?

It means I'll have a post up today going over what all of this means to you veterans out there.  After sitting thru all this, and discussing with guests and chiefs of the Legion, the picture is now focused, and I can connect all the dots.  That I will do on here, and on a post I'll compose for another site as well.

Today's business is primarily 'inside baseball' stuff for the Legion as they close up business for the year.  Primarily, these are the adoption of resolutions but also includes electing the next Commander.   Additionally, we do have a few key guests coming in, to include Michele Bachmann, the Rep from Minnesota who is running for President.  I'll update these, as before, during the presentations.