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Is Civil Service The Same As Military Service? NO!

UPDATE II:  The bill has been pulled for now.  More later if and as it develops. 

Well, according to some in Congress, yes, it is.  In point of fact, not only is it the same but the honors at a funeral should be the same in terms of a flag draped casket and the presentation of a flag.

TSO over at This Ain't Hell has an excellent post up on the bill introduced as a bipartisan measure by some who should (and, I suspect, do) know better. 


What can you do?

So, do two things:
1) Call your Member of the US House. The switchboard at the Capitol is 202-224-3121.
2) Reach out to other military and political blogs. I have as much chance of getting things up at HotAir, Ace of Spades and simliar blogs of late as I do of becoming an international hand model. So, send them all emails, and get them on this. The vote is today, so we have no time to lose.

Light up the boards folks, let them know what you think of HR 2061.  I've already called my representative and told his office no, no, and hell no.  Literally.  This needs to be shot down, hard and fast. 

UPDATE:  Was sent this quote from the committee that released this poorly considered and written bit of legislation.  Do not read if you have blood pressure issues, particularly the last line (emphasis added by me):

Accordingly, H.R. 2061 authorizes agency heads to provide for the presentation of a United States flag to the next of kin of Federal civilian employees who lose their lives as a result of injuries in connection with their status as a Federal employee. Presentation of a United States flag is an appropriate way to honor Federal employees' contributions to the American public. The Committee believes these individuals are no less deserving of our respect than members of our armed forces.

Gina at TAH sums up my response:  "...when civil servants start FIGHTING under the flag and DYING under the flag, THAT’S when you can start thinking about burying under them under the flag."