Al Qaeda Says Conspiracy Theories Ridiculous
Amazing Grace

Good Sense From Pakistan, Of All Places


From Pakistan, of all places, Nayyer Khan of the Daily Times of Lahore, does the work of the angels in debunking the most popular Sep 11 nonsense there in a two part article, one and two.  Khan has fun ridiculing the radical Urdu press in his country.  Some excerpts:

Osama bin Laden (OBL) attained the status of a hero in Pakistan, no sooner than he was named by the US as the prime suspect of the massive 9/11 terrorist attacks. His posters and pictures were displayed in every shop, on every bus and many cars. In Pakistan, heavily dependent on the US and the western world to save the lives of its hundreds of thousands of citizens after every natural calamity, including the devastating earthquake of 2005 and floods of 2010, the masses showed callous insensitivity towards the 9/11 tragedy. Sweets were distributed all over Punjab to celebrate the ‘daring act of faith’ and, at several places in Lahore, people danced to the beat of drums in jubilation at this ‘great feat of the mujahideen’. The question arises here that if the people of Pakistan really believed that either Mossad or the CIA was behind those attacks, then why did OBL suddenly become their hero? Did they celebrate the success of Mossad or the CIA?

The answer is that, of course, Pakistanis know Bin Laden did it.  Privately, they admit it.  Publicly, they deny it.

Khan helpfully dismisses the myth of the four thousand missing Jews in the towers:

A BBC documentary identified that out of the 2,071 victims in the twin towers, 192 were Jews — that makes 9.2 percent of the total. This is a high percentage considering that Jews constitute only two percent of the US population.

Then there is the inherent silliness and contradictions of the logic of America attacking itself:

Another conspiracy theory says that the Bush administration was itself behind the 9/11 attacks to find an excuse to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. This, once again, has no logic. ... Did not the bombings of the US embassies in Africa, two years previously, give the US enough reason to initiate military action against the Taliban in Afghanistan, who were hosting OBL? Does one, who has the might, need any excuse for war? If the US needed to destroy the WTC to attack Afghanistan, then it must have also needed to wreck the White House and implicate Saddam as the main suspect before attacking Iraq and bring down the Golden Gate Bridge and accuse Gaddafi for it to find a pretext for attacking Libya.

If the US was such a big conspirator, it would have been much easier for it to attack Afghanistan and Iraq first on the suspicion of their possessing weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and, after entering its forces there, fake such a discovery. But, when the US did not find WMDs in Iraq, it honestly conceded it. How could a state capable of the machination of forging such a major and incredibly complex plot as 9/11 with so much risk, then fail to hatch the relatively small and minor plot of planting WMDs in Iraq?

Khan tees off on the claim that the US invaded Afghanistan to lay an oil pipeline:

The conspiracy theories assert that the US planned to occupy Afghanistan to lay a pipeline there connecting Central Asia and South Asia to capture Caspian energy resources. If this were indeed true, then why has the US not laid that pipeline even today after 10 years of presence in Afghanistan? Does the cost of the war, which the US is bearing, not outsize the expected gains from that pipeline?  ...  By paying one tenth of the money that it is spending on the present war, it could have persuaded the money-starved Taliban to agree to a pipeline deal.

And then Khan points out the painfully obvious:

Except for the bias and prejudice against Jews and the US, and a soft corner for jihadis, what is the logical reason for the Urdu media and common Pakistanis not to accept that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by Islamist militants after all? Is it because al Qaeda and the associated Islamist jihadi organisations are peace-loving people? Are all terrorist activities linked with al Qaeda and its child concerns, reported all over the world, including Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan itself, all fake, concocted and fabricated?

The 9/11 attacks are very much consistent with the words and actions of Islamic militants. Ramming explosives-laden vehicles into buildings and suicidal attacks are their typical way of striking, and the 9/11 attacks have the same hallmark. Is the hateful doctrine preached by Islamist groups the world over, according to which the killing of infidels is justified, also carried out by the CIA, Mossad, Israel, George Bush, etc? Have al Qaeda, the Taliban and jihadi organisations ever denounced the killing of civilians? In fact, al Qaeda and all Islamist jihadi organisations are vociferously supportive not only the killing of ‘infidels’, but also Muslims belonging to other sects of Islam. Then how are Islamist jihadis unlikely candidates for having carried out the terrorist attacks of 9/11?

Thank you, Nayyer Khan, for being a sane and rational thinker where such men are rare, if not an endangered species.