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Evan Pertile - SYSK Follow Up

How about some great news today?

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Dear Evan's Army,

Wow - it has only been 9 or 10 months since I have updated this site.  I
thought I would take off the Christmas background and go back to ARMY STRONG
camo.  We have some exciting army events coming up so it is appropriate.

Evan is doing fantastic!  He has a check up at St. Jude in early October
with a MRI and other doctor visits and tests.  Can you believe we have been
home 2 years now from St. Jude?  While I still have major anxiety when he
goes back for the tests, the farther out we get the better!  Evan's cancer
will not come back.

Evan is now eight years old.  He loves playing golf with his Papa (he says
he is super at it after one week of golf camp.  I worry about his
self-esteem sometimes).  He is swimming on a year round swim team a couple
of times a week and doing soccer.  Wow!  Just to throw in more confusion he
will do a Lego Robotics after school activity that starts next week.  He
still is not at his pre-cancer strength and endurance but that's okay.  He's
not racing against Michael Phelps anytime soon.

His three brothers, William, Jonathan, and Xander are all doing well.  They
all have activities too.  Thank goodness Xander (age 4) only plays soccer!
Sweet Isabella Grace is 11 months old and is the happiest child I have ever
seen.  She reminds me so much of Evan as a baby.  She is not only content
but she is joyfull with a permanet smile.  I do feel a little bit sorry for
her.  There is no way she will EVER get a date with her four older
protective brothers!

Please consider walking with us on November 19th at 9:00 for the St. Jude
Give Thanks Walk.  You can join our team by clicking on the link below.  If
you can't walk with us, you can donate to the team.  This money helps St.
Jude find new treatments and someday a CURE for childhood cancer.  Won't it
be wonderful when it is gone?

We do have VERY EXCITING NEWS about Evan and the U.S. Army but that will be
a cliff hanger for now.  I promise it won't be 10 months before I tell you!
Maybe 2 days??


Rachel (and Army Strong Evan!!!)

Stay tuned...