Friday Dead Tango Dance- Awlaki edition
The Stolen Valor Awards - The Sour Sixteen

Dead Tango dancing at the Jawa Report

I asked for Adam Gadahn to be dead along w/ Awlaki to make it an American al Aqeda twofer. Well it wasn't Gadahn, but it was another traitorous rat bastard, one who the intrepid Jawas have been jack slapping for a while, a weaselly little scumbag called Samir Khan.

Update by Rusty: Reports are still in flux. As of this moment it's hard to confirm whether or not Awlaki and Khan are both dead. US officials are confirming, off the record, that Awlaki is dead -- but Jane Novak, who has deep contacts in Yemen, says that a local news agency, nass press, is reporting that Awlaki survived the attack and was only injured. And as Ed reminds us, this wouldn't be the first time Awlaki was reported dead. But other tribal sources claim he's dead.

As you know, the Arab world is rife with rumor that passes as fact. We'll keep you posted, but given that US officials are confirming off the record that Awlaki is dead, then I'll have to treat the naysaying as rumors until we hear otherwise.

The really personal news here would be that Samir Khan is dead. As long time readers know, Samir and I have had personal disputes over the years. It was Samir, then blogging as Inshallahshaheed, who threatened to kill my family.

All in all an excellent day