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Blog World & Military Track

Okay, we just finalized the last panel for the military track at this year's Blog World and New Media Expo.  There are a lot of changes and surprises this year, starting with the fact that it will be in Los Angeles Nov. 3-5.  That's right, for all you types who just couldn't stand Vegas, this year it is in LA. 

What's going to be on the military track?  Well, keep an eye on the Blog World site as we will be announcing there.  I can tell you it is going to be very different, and that if you are truly interested in reaching audience, having a provable effect, and dealing with the unexpected, you will want to be there.  Our track will be on the 3rd, but it's not quite all-day.  Why?  Well, you need to check out the site and see.  We may have a surprise or two to come, but those remain to be seen. 

Just a friendly heads-up to the community.