The Tenth Annual This Ain't Hell Stolen Valor Awards Dinner
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Ask An Infantryman - The XBox Edition

Infantrymen!  You wise counsel is sought:

Dear Ask An Infantryman-

As a retired master blaster and CIB owner I need some advice.  I'm going through a really nasty divorce and my Ex decided to hit me where it hurts. Yes, she drove her truck over my XBox. MY. X. BOX.


She could have lit my awards on fire.  She could have poured out all of my single malt scotch.  She could have banged all my "friends".  But no.  She went for the goddamn XBox.

So I need advice on how to handle this situation...and, thanks but I've already got the "date a hotter girl than her" thing covered.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over? 


XBox-less, Not Dick-less

Grunts, leave your sage advice in the Comments.