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You can’t keep a good man (Warrior) down


Can you imagine this... a young soldier... (and a purple heart recipient) is called upon to serve his country.. twice... leaving behind a young wife and his children. While in Iraq, he hears of abuse allegations and he expresses his wishes and fears to social workers after his 9 year old daughter was hospitalized, only to be told he has no parental say so because he is not in this country, but told that "the wife is the custodial parent.... she is here" and he is expected to carry out his dangerous missions as he is wondering who is helping to protect his own children back home.


He returns from serving his country as soon as he can, and decides that he can't be the kind of father, a single parent,... that his children need if he were to remain in the military, so he gives up his 8 year career to go on unemployment and finally is able to find an $ 8.00 an hour job because the employers with higher paying jobs tell him that he is exactly what they look for and need, but it would be to costly to train him, especially when there are other applicants who are already trained in that field.

He tries to rent a home for them, but he is told he has too many people to live in their small house, or that he doesn't make enough money and that they have to look out for their own best interest.

That was the scenario in 2005/6 (read original post here) then you can even read the second post OMV did for this warrior here. You can’t tell me it’s a small world because his mother saw my Facebook page and sent me the below update.

He was going through a terrible time after returning home from Iraq in 05 dealing with the abuse his children went though with their mother while he was deployed. He has now returned to the Army and has full custody of his children. He is currently back in Iraq and in his custody papers it even states that if deployed, his children are to remain in his home and in the care of his mother. I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help and to let you know that the kids and Bryan are all doing great. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of all of the wonderful people who were there for them. Thank you again and God Bless... Sincerely, Char Fluharty

America, this is a warrior that has done multiple combat tours, done them honorably (received a purple heart) fought the legal system while overseas, kept his cool, did what’s right and now is back in the Army on yet another deployment.  Yes, I often ask where do we find such great men?

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